Smash Sundays

Smash Sunday’s at Cafe.GG every Sunday starting at 6 pm.

Update for4.1.2016


Spend time hanging out with friends and upping your game at Cafe.GG and play Super Smash Bros!  This Sunday, HE’S BAAAACK, Brult K0rean as a head coach for the Brult Smash Team, will be training again. This Sunday, he will be teaching from 7 pm – 11 PM scheduling player in 30-minute increments.  You may reserve spots in the form below.

  • You will get to play against Brult K0rean
  • He will provide notes and feedback after the game

Note: If you get double slotted, then your time may change but you will be notified.

Smash Sunday starts at 6pm and goes until midnight for only a $5 cover for all day, all game play.

Fill out my online form.