Smash Sunday/Training with K0rean: 2.7.2016


Make your own Superb Bowl this Sunday with Smash Sunday and learn from K0rean, one of Hawaii’s own!

We’ll be having our regular Smash Sunday Deal (spend Superbowl at CafeGG) and a special surprise, we have K0rean who will be teaching during Sunday Smash times.

We’re still holding it from 6pm – 12am (Mid Night) where $5 will get you full-access to Smash WiiU play.  It’s the new place to hang out this Sunday!

More details on K0orean’s Smash Training / Lessons

It is completely FREE for Smash Players to join but you need to reserve your spot.  As sign-ups come through we will be updating the form.

Here are the details:  Play with K0rean and he’ll record your matches, analyze and write notes on what to improve on.  He’ll go over with the player on match analysis to improve.  You will also get handwritten notes to learn!

Classes as we said are 100% Free to join and are in 30 minute segments the lessons will start at 6 pm.  Sign-up below or you may sign-up online.  Sign-ups will close at 12pm on Sunday. Just input your name and email to let you know your time!

Space is limited! The Form for Sign-ups are now closed, you may sign-up at CafeGG for additional lessons.

Fill out my online form.