Now Announcing! Hearthstone Tavern Brawl at

This Thursday (July 30th) at, we’ll be hosting a Tavern Brawl! Rules and sign-up are below!


Tavern Brawl Hearthstone Rule Set at CAFE.GG

July 30th, Thursday starting at 6:30p.  Tournament starts 7:00pm

General rules:

  • All matches will be played at
  • Players must provide their own account and cards
  • All matches are best of 1, and Finals are Best of 3
  • Time limit of 90 seconds per turn (as set in the game)
  • Between each game you have 5 minutes to select deck for the next game (if applicable.)
  • Time limit of 5 minutes for showing up for a match
    • Failure to show, when called will result in forfeit.
  • If a game ends in a draw (eg. Hellfire kills both players) the game will be replayed using the same decks as the game started with (if applicable.)
  • If a player believes that their opponent has modified their deck in a series they have the option to protest and an admin will check it against the submitted.
    • Both players need to leave the challenge screen open before & after games until told it is okay to exit.
  • Mobile phones will not be allowed during game play, unless used for said tournament (ask TO for specific tournament rules.)
  • Tournament Officials will have the final say on all rulings.
  • All players must behave in a decent way towards other competitors and event staff
    • Inappropriate conduct is subject to admin ruling

    We will also be giving away Beer from the Tavern! Root Beer, Ginger Beer and Butterscotch Beer!