Hearthstone Tournament at Cafe.gg
Date: 11/21/2015
Location: Cafe.gg (2700 S. King St. Building A, Honolulu, HI 96826)
Sign-ups: 6:30 PM
Tournament starts: 7:00 PM
Note: Must have a minimum of 10 participants to win packs, if less than 10 entries, winners will win hours at the respective places below.
1st Place – 7 packs + 4 hours at Cafe.gg
2nd Place – 4 packs + 2 hours at Cafe.gg
3rd Place – 2 packs + 1 hour at Cafe.gg
Participants are able to signup onsite at Cafe.gg starting at 6:30p or signup prior online at http://cafe.gg/hs-signup/
1v1 Deck Rules:
Before the tournament begins ALL players must submit 2 decks which they will compete with, these decks CANNOT be changed and must be played throughout the entire competition.
The top 2 players advancing to the finals will be allowed to resubmit 3 decks for the finals of the tournament if they so choose, this is the only time decks may be changed in the tournament.
A player may not use 2 decks of the same class.
When a deck wins in a game, it cannot be re-played in the same match, and the losing player may choose to switch decks for the game after.
If your opponent asks what classes you are playing you must provide that information.
Finals will be a Best of 3
General Rules:
All matches will be played on the North American server.
Players must provide their own account and cards.
All matches are best of three, except for the finals. Finals will be best of 5.
Between each game you have 2 minutes to select your deck for the next game
Time limit of 10 minutes to show up for a match, or else you will be disqualified.
You are allowed to take notes during games, but may not use 3rd party information.
If the game ends in a draw, the game will be replayed using the same decks.
If a player believes their opponent has modified their deck in a series, you have the option to contact an admin to protest.
Mobile phones should be turned off or set to airplane mode, unless being used to play, in which case only the game should be opened.
You may listen to music with earphones if you so desire, but admins will be allowed to check your device at the request of your opponent.
All players must behave in a sportsmanlike and humane way towards other competitors and event staff. Inappropriate conduct is subject to admin ruling.
Admins have the final say on all rulings, and in extreme situations the rules may be changed.