Gorilla GridIron – 3.11.2016

Get ready for a tournament like no other…


The players of Brult Academy are looking to lead you to victory! Where?  At Cafe.gg for “Gorilla GridIron” this Friday and every other Friday starting at 6 pm.  Work with the team and meet the guys + the 2 analysts.

Play with one of Hawaii’s hottest teams as they practice, play and have a little fun at Gorilla GridIorn!  Team Brult is also always looking for new players, so if you happen to be good, who knows, Team Brult may pick you up!

Each week, Brult Academy will open up Cafe.gg for players to come down and participating players will be seeded with a Brult Academy Member.  Tournament format will be single elimination on Summoner’s Rift. 

The tournament is free to enter (just pay for time at Cafe.gg) and there will be a $50 Prize Pool for the Winner every other week.  Space is limited to the first 20 players (since we’ll run out of captains!)

If you’d like to sign-up ahead of time, fill out the form below!

NOTE: No cost for entry to play but will need to purchase time at Cafe.gg and limited to 20 spots