Cafe.GG Weeklies (3/25) – BlazBlue Central Fiction


Last week, we kicked off our new weekly fighting game competition for our Fight Night participants. If you don’t already know, Cafe.GG hosts Fight Night each week on Tuesdays and Saturdays starting at 7pm until closing. Our Weeklies tournament series will take place during Saturday Fight Nights and featureĀ a popular fighting game that will rotate from week to week.

This coming Saturday (3/25/17), we are featuring BlazBlue Central Fiction for PS4. Tournament will start at 11PM. We have pushed back the start time from last week to allow for more participants.

The tournament format will be Double Elimination, Best of 3, and the winner of each match is character locked (loser may change their character).

Entry fee: $5 (venue fee must be paid)

Prizes: All entry fees go towards the pot. 1st place will take 70%, 2nd place will take 30%, and 3rd placed will get their entry fee back ($5).

Note: Adjustments to the tournament format and prize distribution will change if there are less that 8 participants.